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Tony Argento to Buy Another Greenpoint Property

From Marin County Real Estate, 5 year ago, Read 128 times. Similar articles

(post bt BT) Tony Argento is at it again. Sources say 359 Kingsland Ave Brooklyn, NY 11222 is on the table.  Financially-backed, most likely, ?as usual' with studio money, Tony has offered between $10-$12 Million for the subject location.  148,000 buildable M3-1 zoning in the heart of Northern Brooklyn (Greenpoint), bringing the purchase price to $67.57 per buildable sq ft.  That's nuts for a location like this!.  But looks like he already put a deposit on it, meaning the owners feel this is a... Read more
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Warehouse 11 Williamsburg is Bankrupt and Developer Robs 214 N 11th St

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Have you heard the one about the Brooklyn developer ?robbing' his own new condo of appliances to sell them for a few bucks while falling into bankruptcy' I guess they named it Warehouse 11 in case they needed to use it as a source of high-end appliances for sale! The esteemed architect, Karl Fisher's ?clean, minimal' concept became even leaner when dozens of apartment units mysteriously lost refrigerators, ovens and other stainless-steel wonders on the developers own watch!   Brokers in New... Read more
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USPS Branches to Close: United States Postal Service Feeling the Economic Pinch

From Marin County Real Estate, 5 year ago, Read 0 times. Similar articles

(Post by BT) USPS is feeling the effects of the weak economy. While Obama's government is seemingly on a mission to grow or create new federal government agencies, the US Postal service is about to seriously downsize. Once known as the most stable of jobs, your local postman may be downsized, or moved elsewhere. Hundreds of post offices are slated to close across the US. While some smaller cities and towns that are losing population may seem like obvious choices (anyone surprised by Buffalo'),... Read more
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Queensborough Bridge Centennial Celebration Lights Up Skies Above LIC

From Marin County Real Estate, 5 year ago, Read 1 times. Similar articles

(post by Dee) Just the other day, May 31st, the borough of Queens celebrated 100th anniversary of the opening of Queensborough Bridge. I know what you are thinking'. Why in the world would anyone celebrate or even want to bring any attention to a place like Queens Plaza. Well, it hasn't been too long ago when that huge swat of land divided by multi-lane roads, surrounded by a combination of city government and strip joints/fried chicken stores, and shadowed by the clinging subway tracks above... Read more
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The New Condo at 5-25 Borden Ave: Prism is Now a Murano

From Marin County Real Estate, 5 year ago, Read 5 times. Similar articles

(post by Dee) So the ?Prism' condo at 5-25 Borden Avenue in LIC is officially called the Murano, like the car. The rendering looks cool but why name a unique architectural structure in NYC after an average Nissan minivan' Their construction is moving on nicely but will they be able to sell any units' Folks at One Hunters Point next door sure hope so! yes, the rooftop elevator shaft of the Murano blocks a view of the cabanas at OHP, but an abandoned construction site is even worse.   Read more
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The View at East Coast: Rockrose's Jewel Condo at 4630 Center Blvd On Fire Sale'

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(post by Dee) The View at East Coast, located at 4630 Center Boulevard in LIC is the jewel of Rockrose's 22-acre development on the waterfront. Of the total 7 buildings planned (3 are built), only one is for sale, a condo with the best Manhattan skyline views guaranteed for life. There will be many more condos built inland, but only a couple more on the waterfront and The View is right there. Sure it looks great on the inside, but so do many other new developments. So we give you a more... Read more
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Astoria's Neptune Diner at 3105 Astoria Blvd ? Anything But the Best!

From Marin County Real Estate, 5 year ago, Read 1 times. Similar articles

(post by Joey) Today I met with my accountant to finish up my tax return and have lunch.  He chose the location.  When we arrived at Astoria's Neptune Diner I noticed the sign that reads ?Voted Best Diner by Daily News!? Wow, that's a bold statement in a diner capital of the world, NYC! I was more than glad to put it to the test. Walking in, I could not help to notice that a place with such great reviews was dead ? only 4 tables were occupied, and that included us.  There was more staff on hand... Read more
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1 800 Mattress Going Out of Business at 260 W 35th St and 24 Others Locations

From Marin County Real Estate, 5 year ago, Read 1 times. Similar articles

(post by Ardie) It is not a secret that 1-800-Mattress, a staple NYC-brand of 33 years, also known as Dial-a-mattress and mattress.com is bankrupt and has been in merger talks with its rival, Sleepy's. After all, 1-800-Mattress did file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection last Monday. But a challenge from its largest franchise group may put a stop on that strategy. Now, an unconfirmed whisper, but from a person close to the owner of mattress.com, is that they may be worse off than it has been... Read more
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Pros and Cons of Buying Real Estate in Today's Market

From Marin County Real Estate, 5 year ago, Read 0 times. Similar articles

(post by Dee)  Pro: Low Mortgage Rates Rates are at historical lows, and for most credit-worthy borrowers, a mortgage of under-5% means hundreds of dollars saved in monthly mortgage payments, tens of thousands over the life of your mortgage.   Con: Frozen Credit Lines Banks are still not lending. Yes, they received billions of taxpayers' dollars from the Treasury, but most banks have frozen their lending. We see deals killed daily for no reason, and banks looking for reasons to not lend!... Read more
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The Views from Rooftop of Pistilli Riverview East Are Amazing

From Marin County Real Estate, 5 year ago, Read 39 times. Similar articles

(post by BT) One thing about Pistilli Realty building at 19-19 24th Ave ? the views from their roof are unbelievably good! The Manhattan skyline and the bridges, Astoria Park and even the view towards Queens, all add up to a 360-degrees of great views. Sure the co-op has only 35 units sold and the rest are rented by Pistillis, but you don't mind sneaking up to the roof, and like the park next door, you will get used to the weird building itself. Here are a couple of shots from the roof.     Read more
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